Friday, June 5, 2009

How to Use This Cook Book

Because this cookbook uses the Blogger format, it will work a bit differently than cookbooks you've encountered before.

The top row of hyperlinks in the header above ("bread, dessert, meats," etc.) contains links to tables of contents for each food grouping. When you click on one of them, that table of contents will replace this page (Or whatever page happens to be in this space). The second row of hyperlinks points to other elements that are not necessarily recipes, but are items you mind find of interest.

Included there is a section for external links to other sites I find interesting or useful. Plus, if you want to view my posts chronologically (I can't imagine why, but this is a feature offered by our friends at blogger.), you can view them by month and year by going to the archives.

You might also check out categories where recipes and posts are gathered according to a common element such as "Cajun," "smoker," Mexican," etc. As you "jump" or scroll down the sidebar, hopefully you'll notice strategically placed "Back to the Top" hyperlinks. These should zap you back to the top of the page where the table of contents menu is. (We hope.) You'll get the hang of it. We hope you have a good time.
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